When the Conjuring was first released, I had the privilege of doing a bit of presswork for the film. It was an interesting story, specifically where the Warrens were concerned. On various levels, their story really intrigued me. Though spinoffs, from the Conjuring, have come out, they lacked the tie of integrity to their story that the original had. I was really happy to learn about the sequel, even more happy to be asked to do PR once again and now I am happiest of all to share with you…

I know that the world is divided, when it comes to feelings on horror movies, but what makes these two films stand out is their approach to the content, and their focus on two people who- above everything else- lived their lives to help people… That is what I loved the most, about the first film, and honestly what I’m most excited about this second time around. Ed & Lorraine lived an interesting life and served people in amazing ways…


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26 thoughts on “Conjuring…

  1. I so loved the first movie and definitely can’t wait to see the 2nd. It was so well made, and like you said, what really grabs the viewer are characters that you care for because they care for others. Even though it’s a “scary” movie, there’s still a lot of heart there.

    Oh, and thanks for the opportunity for the cool giveaway! Would love to win.

  2. Loved the first movie! Super excited for this one. I wish hollywood didn’t overdo it so much though, but I know people wouldn’t like it then.

  3. I love horror movies. Pick me! I think Ed and Lorraine are fascinating and actually did an exorcism in the next town over from me on the 80’s…

  4. Ok so I love scary movies, but some of them look so freaky to me in the previews that I just tell myself, “Oh heck no! Not that one!” Lol This was one of them, in fact I couldn’t even remember what the first Conjuring was so I just watched the trailer online and oh my freaking gosh! I want to watch it now really bad, but at the same time it looks so freaky! I guess I gotta watch it before the second one though, gotta convince my hubby to watch it with me cause there’s no way I’m watching these alone lol. ;)

  5. I need more spook in my life! Friend and I are planning a spooky movie date, Wes Craven + Ed&Lorraine’s stories!

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