A silent rage…

There are things that happen in the world, to people we know and people we love, which we aren’t always at liberty to talk about. This is a world of injustice, where pride takes precedence in a person’s job performance over integrity. Perceptions become less and less about fact or honesty and more clouded with our own personal feelings and the way we see it.

The way one sees it is no reason to mess with someone’s life.

I am angry.

I am angry because someone, and therefore a collection of someones, is messing with my family. Their only motive has been because in their attempt to bully, they were stood up to, so they decided to bully back harder. This is not right. We live in a world, anymore, where the systems put in place to advocate for the people seldom do advocate for the people. This isn’t anti- law enforcement or any one particular agency, this is concern for a broken system. A financially draining system that bleeds the tax payer dry and then doesn’t blink an eye when they wreak havoc and make lives hell out of their own personal vendetta simply because their pride was wounded or their feathers ruffled.

It takes one second to change the course of an entire life, since when did the focus become something other than working together to make the world a better place? Why isn’t that the goal? Why can’t that be the goal? When we see someone innocent who is hurting, why can’t the powers that be and the people who care work together to problem solve a solution? Why must it be an ego play and power trip? Why, why, why?

My heart is sad at the world we live in. At the mess of a system that has foster children sleeping in hotel rooms and the floors of social worker’s offices, and yet every day we hear of them intervening and disrupting families that have done nothing wrong, and causing forever damage to these children and parents… The system exists for a reason, but this reason is being abused. We have a far-too-large government with so many employees and yet it takes light years to get anything done, and when it finally does is it really for the best interest of anyone?

I hate, more than anything, when people I love are hurt. I want to get angry and do something about it, but I admit my powerlessness because I can’t. This system is a monster that we cannot change. We will lose, every time. Even when we win a fight against it, we’ve lost something. Time, money, tears, heartache, heart scars, innocence… And they never really lose because these people are a mix. They are an assortment of the ones who truly care, but whose hands are tied, and the vindictive pot-stirrers who have nothing to lose anyway because, at the end of the day, they still get their paycheck and it’s just another day at the office.

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