Let us recognize… {a giveaway}

I know that on occasion I am really lucky to be able to offer giveaways to you guys, and I LOVE that! Sometimes I get the privilege of sharing with you a book or movie that I really loved, which are the best of all. Today I’m doing a giveaway that is quite special to me.

American Sniper is a film inspired by the memoir and life of Chris Kyle, a U.S. Navy Seal. Through his several tours in the Iraq war we are given an honest look at one man’s journey as a husband, father and hero and the toll that being all three can take on a man. Bradley Cooper does an amazing performance, Directed by Clint Eastwood, there are many reasons this film received so much critical recognition.






On a personal note, I’m not sure that I’ve ever cried harder in a movie, even though I knew the ending already, nor have I been more inspired to just be a better person…

On May 19th American Sniper will be released on BluRay & DVD. With the sale of every copy, Warner Brothers will be donating $1 to the Wounded Warrior Project. The WWP is an organization very dear to my heart. Over the years I’ve met several vets who have had their lives significantly changed because of what the WWP does. American Sniper was one of the most moving films I saw last year (you guys know I watch a lot of movies), and this means that if a million people buy copies of the DVD, then that is a MILLION DOLLARS going to help our wounded vets! It’s an easy campaign to get behind! (If you’d like to order your copy now, go here.)

American Sniper 3D Box Art

To enter to win your copy, leave a comment here about a vet (ANY vet) you know. It can be a spouse, child, father, neighbor, guy you met in the supermarket, yourself… Anyone… TWEET the giveaway and link back here with your tweet and you will get an extra entry.

Entry DEADLINE is Sunday May 17th, 12p.m. EST.

Make sure you have an email address link back in your comment so that I can contact you if you win!

Good luck! Now share!

12 thoughts on “Let us recognize… {a giveaway}

  1. I have several veterans in my family. My Dad Rey and my brother Joseph are my heroes. Rey is a Vietnam vet and Joseph is a Desert Storm Vet with several tours in Afghanistan. Go USA!

  2. i know so many vets, it’s hard to choose. My grandpa, who is always light-hearted and loyal. My pastor, who is so good at connecting with people. Several uncles and cousins, so dedicated to their families and this country. I am blessed!

  3. I’ve been volunteering with some of the best men and women vets for years! God bless them!

  4. My dad and all of his brothers were in the service. Also my ex husband and now my 14 year old son is aiming for the Air Force. Is it wrong to be proud and terrified?

  5. My husband served 9 years in the US ARMY with 2 tours of duty to Iraq.
    It’s at times been a very rough 4 years since we’ve been married but I think we finally are seeing the light.
    My cousin also served in the Marines and my Grandma served in the Army.
    I have two sons who are both named after veterans. My first is named after his great Grandpa on my husband’s side who was a fighter pilot in WW2.
    My second son is named in honor of my husband’s best friend who died from an IEP during a mission in Iraq.
    Thanks for this giveaway.

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