Home sweet home…

GOMY9CQSvmjKLxigsfxg_AtticNearly three months ago I was spending my days wrapping belongings in bubble wrap and newspaper, preparing to move into a home of our own. This home wasn’t one that I loved, and the room I feel should be most beloved (the kitchen) was actually the room I flat-out couldn’t stand. The negatives aside, the market wasn’t great, it had a lovely outdoor space, a nice fireplace and beautiful appliances… I was plotting, and planning, ready to put my touch on the home where I could, learn to live with the rest, and settle in.

Six days before Thanksgiving (three days before we were supposed to close) when that fell through, I was a mix of disappointment, hopelessness, sadness and yes- relief. We needed a house, but I wasn’t sad that it wouldn’t be that. Most of the other feelings stemmed more around the money lost, time lost, and tremendous frustration/stress.

I un-bubble/paper wrapped some things and we set out looking again, discouraged. We found a house we absolutely loved. We loved it in that this house meets so many of our needs and wish list that this will never actually work out way, and sure enough, after almost 5 weeks of sitting on the fence and not giving our offer a definitive response the Homeowners chose to lease the house for a year. We had a back up house that had been the we will never actually live here, there are things about it that could work but oh my gosh this house needs sooooooooooo much work house.

Anyway, we finalize on the second house Friday. Funny isn’t it? I kinda want to laugh, I kinda want to cry. Mostly I want to fast forward through all of the renovations, money shortages, tensions, fights, squabbles, etc that will happen until it’s all done. It didn’t do great in the inspection. (surprise, surprise) and I keep thinking this would be a bad time to rent Money Pit for family movie night. (Funny side note about house number 2- Genny’s response was “I hate that house. I am embarrassed by that house. I don’t feel safe there, I would NEVER want a friend to come over.” So that’ll be fun to deal with… ha ha.)

I love interior design. We surface renovated a house in New York back in 2003 and loved it. (Not as much work as this.) I spent some time consulting for a friend who had an interior design business, some years ago, and enjoyed it. It’s a passion. That angle of it invigorates me… As we go along, I’ll update you guys here. EVERY ROOM needs stuff done, so it’ll take time. Cheer me on, you guys. I’ll need it…

(and no, this window is not from the house, though I would have loved a room like this! PERFECT office, but alas…)

4 thoughts on “Home sweet home…

  1. cheering from here!! It will take a while, but I will love watching:) I will wait to officially congratulate you Friday when the ink is dry:)

    1. I think to the adults in the house it’s already feeling like home (we’ve been there a lot and talked a lot about the work that has to be done), but to the young one- not so much. LOL. Love you too!

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