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My word in 2014 was to simplify, and I did… Until life got really complicated. Even then though, I still attempted to simplify. This year, my word is Savor.

It’s easy to lose sight of the act of simply savoring, whether it is the taste, a moment… So many bad things happened last year to the lives which somehow orbit mine that I became increasingly more and more aware of my need to be present and savor these minutes I do have.

Two years ago my word was Intentional, and I guess Savor is similar, but to me it’s deeper. More raw, and personal. It takes the intentional act of being and challenges me to stand there and feel it for a while, taste the layers and contemplate its textures…

Honestly, it sounds terrifying and I already, on day one, fear I’ll fail. That’s the beauty of the word of the year, it is organic and continual. I will fall short, and then I will try harder.

What is your plan for the year?

5 thoughts on “Savor…

  1. Megan A says:

    Happy New Year my friend! You chose a great word. My word this year is EXPLORE! I need adventure (good ones, please!) in my life. :D

    1. Excellent choice!!! I love it!

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  2. Pam Wickman says:

    I had to mull this over a couple of days. I have been struck by the word…Release. Release myself from burdens I don’t need to carry, release myself from trying to please, release myself from expecting what I would give….I need to release myself from living for anyone but God. With a deep sigh I know this is SO difficult and feels a bit raw as I type it knowing that I am a people pleaser, but also knowing it has to be done to find peace within.

    1. Release is such a brave word! It takes courage to let go!

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      1. pamalu1029 says:

        its’ been a long time coming…it’s time. I’m ready.

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