But I did love…


I’ve talked about how much this year and I didn’t get along. I also know, sadly, that I’m not alone on this… (We talk a small amount about this year coming to a close and the things that we loved on this week’s episode of the podcast as well.) That being said, I’m not one to leave things on a sour note and I’d like to say goodbye to Two-Thousand-Fourteen by thanking him for a small list of the things I loved…

~ My daughter Amanda’s marriage to her husband J. This was by far the highlight of our year. He and his awesome, rough & tumble boys make our family so much better!

~ Our youngest daughter Gen’s baptism, in April. It was a beautiful sunset, in a cold river, and just a special moment shared with some of our favorite people on earth.

~ My husband’s 40th surprise party. It was fantastic fun! So good to have the best people on the planet (minus just a few who couldn’t make it) piled into one house.

~ Falling in strong like with my Fitbit, and having several friends (and my husband) follow suit. It’s a cool little thing and I love it!

~ A surprise, last-minute afternoon trip to New York City for lunch and a visit to see the 30 Rock tree. I love knocking things off my bucket list.

~ The miracle of our dear family friend Chris, as he experienced a recovery when it seemed like he wouldn’t, just a few weeks ago.

~ My BFF coming to visit in October.

~ That I have a partner to go through these hard times of parenting and house hunting with. He makes it all worthwhile…

~ His Zombie Run this summer. While I didn’t participate, it was VERY fun to watch and hear all about it!

~ My health improving after surgery and a very difficult recovery. I look forward to next year being even better!

~ Some really great music and films this year… Looking forward to so much more of that, for sure, in 2015!




Your thoughts?

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