just call me the bag lady…

IMG_2948My weekend was a mixed bag…

Whenever that happens, and it’s not simply a fantastic set of days, I’m tempted to wallow and cast a negative shadow on the whole thing. In the essence of fairness though, that’s simply not, well, fair.There is something truly redemptive in the way discomfort or a “bad day” makes the beautiful look better. It really does have a way of fine tuning our gratitude, when we let it. I tried to let that be the attitude with which my weekend seemed to abide by. I wasn’t perfect, and that’s ok.

On Facebook I shared that I wanted to:

1.) see a movie. (now there’s a shocker.)

2.) paint my toenails.

3.) finish a home organization project.

And I met my goals. While I did other things, and I likely could have done more, I set three simple goals that were practical, important (to me) and fun (or at least a mix of the three) and it made the weekend a lot easier. When I did that, I did not know we would deal with the teenage animosity we dealt with, pangs of homesickness over what we were missing back in Boise this weekend, or that I would struggle with an on & off again three-day migraine. (allergies combined with stress…)

But the really good bits-

an unexpected nap;

food & game night with friends;


my husband’s awesome popcorn;

having the laundry done by the end of the weekend- these are really good things. And amidst the worst moments, these rays of brightness become even better. Maybe the very best we should hope for is a mixed bag, because too much of a good thing just makes it bland and ordinary and I don’t want that for any of my beautiful moments…

3 thoughts on “just call me the bag lady…

  1. Well I think I said my weekend would include:

    1. Minor league baseball -That was fun. Josh Hamilton was on the visiting team playing down while recovering from an injury.
    2. Pottery Barn- It was just a’ight for me. I’ve decided that ours isn’t a very good store…all pillows, dishes, lamps, and dinning tables.
    3. New restaurant – Didn’t make it to that one. We did eat at a place everyone likes that we rarely get to visit.
    4. Target-Didn’t do this either. I think my Target time got taken by shopping for football cleats time. That’s OK. We needed to do that, too.

  2. I like your perspective in terms of finding the good among a weekend that wasn’t what you had hoped it to be. I hope your migraines are better . . . I know those are no fun at all. Thank you for sharing at my place today for Get to Know You Monday. Blessings. :)

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