hello June…

June is a pretty special month for me… Not only does it hold several very important birthdays, but it’s the official start of summer and that’s a great thing, right?


– An exciting new project that I can’t divulge too many details about, but you know what they say: my excitement is your excitement… {They say that, right?!?!}
– I joined a new summer book club and I am so excited! (Perhaps I should add overuse of the word exciting and any words derived from it. Yikes.) I’m hoping it will be a great experience and connect me with a few new gals in my area!
– I have some fun books between my night stand and my kindle that I’m looking forward to getting in to.
– have coffee/tea/social plans with a new friend.
– I have not done it in ages, but I really want to do a paper craft project, or two, this month.
– End of the year school program.
– sending our youngest off to Jamaica with a youth group team from our church, for a mission trip. {yikes!}
– we are (finally) going through the stuff we have stored in our garage, from our move, that we just don’t have room for.
– celebrating several birthdays of loved ones, even if from afar.
– having a belated Father’s Day since we won’t be able to be together for the calendar scheduled one.
– bike rides, evening walks and active weekends.
– summer movies, trip to the drive in, etc.
– I’m wanting to try some new, summery recipes in the kitchen.
– Mastering fontina cheese fondue. {Yum!}
– concentrating on more vegetables.
– Grilled dinners complete with deck dining.
– weeknight sun tea, fresh squeezed lemonade, weekend cocktails.
– I’m inspired to redo my photo ledges (and this has been an ongoing hope for months) but I can’t quite figure out what I want to do.
– we’ve had tragedy befall our dining room table recently so we will be taking on a creative, yet affordable redo in that area.
– My office has been a mess since our trip to Idaho. When I’m in here, it’s for a quick second or to rush through a work project. I need to organize and clean it.
– We have theater tickets to a Tony winning show that I’m really excited to see!
– We have a couple of other fun, intentional dates on the calendar for the month. Our intentional date challenge has been a really fun one!

2 thoughts on “hello June…

  1. My head was shaking “yes” to many of your June ideas. Summer is a time for slowing down, leaning into God and reconnecting with friends and myself. I am so excited about the possibilities. Blessings, Mary!

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