Happiness is…

Over the weekend we had the privilege of seeing a local theatre production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.  Anyone who knows me knows that I love musical theatre, but I have to be honest, this show was nowhere on my radar. At all. I don’t even know why. In reality, if it wasn’t for the fact that friends of ours were directing the production (and their awesome kids, whom we adore, were also in the show) we probably wouldn’t have gone at all.

Sometimes, I love the surprise of being wrong about something. This show is adorable. These kids were incredible, maybe beyond incredible. Having a daughter who was once heavily immersed in theatre, I’ve seen a lot of children perform but some of these kids were phenomenal. Plus, the show just made me, well- happy!

Towards the end of the show, different members of the Peanuts gang take turns saying what Happiness is to them. Interestingly, I have that little Peanuts gift book, Happiness Is… And I love it!

With last week being such a downer, I thought I’d take a minute to just share some things that are happiness to me.

Happiness is…

– a warm ceramic mug, cupped by both hands.

– fresh sheets.

– songs sang by the Cello.

– laughing with my husband.

– tall blades of grass flecked with fireflies.

– peonies.

– thunder rumble, with pouring rain.

– bright blue, sun streamed sky.

– weekend brunch.

– being in one room, with my kids.

– taking a really unexpectedly great photo.

– my completely awesome friends.

– B29 bacon.

– unique & ecclectic office/paper products and notebooks.

– an afternoon to read.

– picnics followed by nothing but enjoying the moment.

– when a butterfly lands on me.

– getting a facial.

– good hair days.

– the Boise connector, right when BoDo comes into sight. *sigh* (makes my heart leap- EVERY TIME)

– the ocean beach. Any will do, but the Oregon coast is best.

– New Mexico sunsets. Best skies, period.

– good, fresh roasted green chili.

– getting letters in the mail.

– finding the perfect pen.

– Kate Spade. While I love most of the brand products (most), I’m a big fan of the woman herself. (who is no longer associated with brand, fyi)

– Starbucks Lime Refreshers. {and that my husband loves them too. We NEVER love the same thing!}

– inside jokes.

What makes you happy?

4 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. what a wonderfully happy post! musical theater is pretty happy, and laughing with my husband is always nice, but i also like taking my dog to the park, hiking new mountains, and having game nights with friends :)

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