It ain’t easy…


I’m a significant portion Irish, but I’ve never really gotten into the whole St. Patricks day thing. Beyond elementary school celebrations, it never really seemed like a big deal. In this part of the country though, St. Patricks day is kind of a bigger deal than it is back home. Wonders never cease…

At any rate, less in the spirit of conformity and more in the motivation of focusing on things I either love or am looking forward to- (you know, things which are NOT white, glittery, freezing cold and associated with winter) I thought I’d make a lovely little list of green things that I hope are in my VERY near future…

– bare feet in soft green grass.

– watermelon (though technically it’s the pink part that’s the best)

– fresh, roasted brussel sprouts with garlic.

– key lime pie

– Mexican coke with a wedge of lime, on a hot day. (it counts!)

yeah… it may be a small list, but it’s a pretty important one!

Do you have any green favorites?

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