In February…

– work on editing, rewriting and polishing my manuscript.
– see the last 3 Oscar contender films.
– write more letters.
– continue to try new things.
– learn at least one thing on the guitar.
– devote one “date” a week to either quality alone time or spending time with a friend.
– cocktail and game night.
– prioritizing the time together as quality time.
– apply for Gen’s summer program.
– women’s group at church. I “joined” last month, but with all of the snow days, I’ve yet to attend.
– journal more.
– I’ve decided to be a bit cliche’ and go with Love for my February photo series them. I’m going to try and be a little out of the box (no promises) despite the cliche’ timing of the theme. {If you missed my January series, you can click here.}
– I’ve been really negligent on paper crafting stuff so I need to work on some cards and maybe a separate project or two.
– Writing challenge project for my online writer’s group.
– two (as of yet, undecided) Pinterest projects.
Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist
Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austin
Welcome Home Mama & Boris.
The Wind in the Willows.
– finding, DIYing or renovating a table for our bedroom.
– regular gym workouts.
– yoga
– using my Fitbit Flex, a gift to me in January, and I have to say i LOVE it.
– we are taking part in an Intentional date challenge and have only had 1 out of 25 this year… (that Australia trip really threw us off!) so we’ve got some making up to do!
– I’m showering the husband with an absolutely cheesy, but fun Fourteen Days of Valentines fun.

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