The one where I salvage what’s left of January…

– since my writer’s retreat plans were changed, I carved out an intense week where during my “business” hours and evenings my focus is solely on work stuff. (I’m both terrified and excited!)
– a facial. this winter is working overtime on my skin! I’m sure being sick hasn’t helped…
– begin a weekly afternoon simply carved out for correspondence and reading, EVERY week. I’m thrilled! BEST goal/resolution of the year!
– one new year’s resolution I was to have a monthly cocktail evening complete with cards/games, and when it works out, having friends over. 
– Gen & I decided to take a bit of a girl’s weekend, mid month, complete with hotel sheets, sleeping in, no responsibilities, trips to the movies, swimming pools. I’m super excited! 
– In addition, Gen and I are going to start reading together, monthly. We share several of the same books now, which is an odd and special place to get to with your child.
– I’m starting a women’s group through our church. I’m pretty excited. I intended to start in the fall, and was excited to do the book they were focussing on, but I just couldn’t make that particular group work with my schedule. This new groups’ timing is a lot more conducive!
– listening to the calling to do/be more, with my life.
– one of my goals this year is to take on 12 photo challenges.
– Since January of 2012, I haven’t been the best at taking photos and I miss that passion.
– with the theme of my year being NEW, one thing I’m planning on doing is reading more children’s literature. I never read a lot of it. I kind of, as a reader, jumped right into adult books.
Secret Keeper by Kate Morton
MWF Seeking BFF
Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist
– a few reorganization projects.
– warm pots of soup.
– fresh-baked loaves of bread.
– one paper project (at least)
– yoga
– making more, and creative time for fitness/working out.
– a date night
– finding little ways to reach out to Chw when life and work keeps us apart.
“It is a tough road that leads to the heights of greatness.”

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