26 gifts… with only a slight hiccup…

We woke up Saturday to frigid temps and snow. Chw & Gen had made plans to spend the day ice skating and braving the stores at our local mall, but since the plan had been to neither ice skate on or brave the roads on the way to the mall- that plan was tucked away for next weekend. We stayed local (but did tragically have to leave the warmth of our home) to mail a few packages and wrap up our Random Acts of Kindness project that we did in honor/memory of the 20 children and 6 heroes who lost their lives one year ago in the Sandy Hook tragedy.

I thought I’d share what we did. (* indicating where we stopped because of weather, and had to come home. We’ll finish these up, this week.) It was really fun, mostly. Gen seemed to hate the whole thing and was pretty all about her, which was really sad. {I’m sure it’s the age though. This isn’t something we’re going to give up.}

– donated to a local food drive.

– baked cookies for the Police department.

– baked cookies for the Fire department.

– baked cookies for our Librarians.

– gave a Starbucks card to a postal worker.

– gave a Starbucks card to a cashier.

– gave a large tip. 

– gave a Starbucks card to a guy bringing in the carts in the storm, at a dept. store.

– took hot chocolate to a bell-ringer. 

– prepared dinner for friends, on a night that was busy for them.

– put together a package for someone who needed their Christmas blessed.

– wrote a “thank you” note to someone who touched our lives and showed us kindness by example. (times 3.)

– gave a food box to a family in need for their holiday meal.

– donated unused coats and clothing to a local charity.

– baked treats for Gen to take to school and share with friends. (she didn’t know until she opened her lunch box.)

– helped out a local family in need.

– offered free babysitting to parents who need a date night.

– made and sent cards to a few people who needed their spirits lifted.

– flowers to the local nursing home.*

– Cupcakes to the teachers at Gen’s school.*

– tape change to hospital vending machine*

– tape change to dr’s office machine*

– leave change at laundry matt.*

6 thoughts on “26 gifts… with only a slight hiccup…

  1. Those are wonderful ideas! I want to be more deliberate in our random acts which makes it not so random?? I’m not a plan ahead girl by nature so it does take more from me to get them done.

  2. RainydayinMay/Misty,

    It’s a neat tradition you and your kids are doing. So you have the frigid temps and snow there too, huh? We have the snow today. :)

    Re your comment on my post “Romance: Tundra-Style,”

    “Life’s made up of the details and the subtle moments” — I like that line. Thank you.

    Merry Christmas,
    Jennifer Dougan

  3. This is SO wonderful. I love the thoughts behind your giving…..and showing our kids that it isn’t always about them is a gift. The vending machine idea is a new one to me; love it!

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