Snowy day run aways…

While everyone is busy posting Christmas cookie secrets and holiday party scandals I’m busy thinking about packing my suitcase and running away alone for a retreat.


A personal writing retreat is something I’ve toyed with over the past couple of years but opportunity and finances didn’t really leave a lot of opening for such dreams. Coming up in a few weeks, however, there may be the possibility to make such magic happen and I’m thinking I should jump for my chance.

Is it ideal? Maybe not.

I’d much rather there be spring blossomed trees to breathe in, soft grassy paths to clear my head on or Fiery red leaves absorb inspiration from.

I have the opportunity though, and goodness knows I need the change of scenery as I have a LOT of work to do. Something about this room isn’t making that any easier and maybe a change of scenery is just what I need… IMG_3855I’ve been exploring possibilities close enough to home to make it worthwhile, and most of what I’ve found does not fit the bill. Interestingly enough I’ve found a lot of suggestions for various spiritual retreats, which is an interesting idea as well. {Not for this time out though, but one day.}


So, my friday question for you is, have you ever done anything like that? Ever taken a retreat for yourself? Maybe a photography journey? {I’ve done day long photography journeys, though obviously not with the two of my iPhone photos before!} Maybe a weekend, with a good friend just to relax or de-stress? I’d love to hear your stories, advice or tips…

6 thoughts on “Snowy day run aways…

  1. Yes! Do it!! I did last year and loved it so much. We have a place 2 1/2 hours away. It’s a vacation fixer and we go about every other week through the summer. I had plans to go with a friend to meet another friend for a girl get away and when that fell through I went anyway. By myself! It was heaven. I slept in, watched movies, went running, ate out, ate in, went to a hilarious play and just sat. I didn’t work on anything and made plans in my head to do it every year. It didn’t happen this year as life and kids and weddings and work and kids and kids and kids got in the way but I WILL do it again. Some day.

  2. I’ve never done this, but it does sound fabulous. I think you are ‘needing’ this for yourself. It would be a nice little break….even if you weren’t able to get much writing it. It might bring on inspiration. ;)

  3. I did this last winter, 24 hours at a local B&B. It was absolute heaven and I can’t recommend just getting out and doing it enough.
    Knowing that there are no needs on you for a set amount of hours and you can rest/read/write/create is so enriching.

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