when beauty ate the beast…

IMG_4028Most of my best thoughts seem to occur when I’m either behind the wheel of a car, or in the shower. Why is this?

Yesterday afternoon, between my house and Gen’s school I’d written an extraordinary blog post in my brain and revised an extra difficult section of a chapter I’m working on. I was giddy with excitement when I looked around and noticed they had decorated our lovely downtown for Christmas, and this made my heart radiate even brighter with glee. Just then a large swarm of birds ascended from the grassy park to my left and I marveled at their elegance as they flew higher and higher, all working together.

By the time I was home I remembered the birds and the Christmas decor, plain as day, but not one single thing about the rest of it. It’s like a trap door slammed shut in my brain and now my brilliant thoughts are trapped inside the Arena, fighting for their lives- Tributes of their own plight.

Sorry. Like I said, I just finished Catching Fire, and I’m afraid until we see the movie next week, I’ll find it seeping itself into my daily life. Tune in tomorrow when I wear a single braid, down my back and Josh Hucherson shows up with loaves of warm, fresh bread… {All kidding aside, Genny would die.}

In the Hunger Games of my brain though, why is it the memory of the birds and the glee over the holiday decor that win out? Shouldn’t it be the brilliance and creativity? Truth be told, I am so frustrated! I feel like this happens more and more. {and more}

And so, brain tired and back sore, I close the lid of my laptop and snuggle with a blanket in front of the DVR, thus rewarding my brain with absolutely nothing…

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