a little bit of show and tell…

On Fridays I like to show you a little of the things around the web that made my week a little brighter… Take them with you as you head into your weekend, they’ll keep you warm.

– I know we’re always told smiling is good but here’s a convincing argument on why not to smile.

– because I have so many friends or family members who have had babies within the last month or are about to have a baby any day, I loved this so very much and had to share.

– because the weather taunts me wispy snow flurries, I figure photos like this one are important to keep on hand.

– ignore if you’re like me and can’t read the post… just look at the images. It’s quite possibly one of the most amazing things ever.

– this Minestrone soup. It’s so simple and so very delicious… {only i omitted the onions, added zucchini, used kale and served with hunks of sharp cheddar and warm biscuits.}

– speaking of food… I haven’t made these, but the food porn of these alone is incredibly worth the click. Heavenly.

– I’ve loved this trailer since it was released, but knowing the movie is out next month has me watching it now, daily. It sends both chills down my spine and warms my heart. It looks so very, very, very much like the sort of movie that makes you sit there and feel like you have just witnessed the very reason why movies exist at all- after having seen it.

– All of the Pemberly Digital Videos… Most recently Emma Approved. I loved the Lizzie Bennett Diaries from day one and these are great too… Love me some Austen revisioned…

– lastly, I’ll leave you with this trailer, which was just released… Wow, right? 

What about you? What’s bringing you some extra warm and brightness these days?

2 thoughts on “a little bit of show and tell…

  1. Noah? As in THE Noah?? I’m not a RC fan…but that does look good.
    Hello? Thanks for making me look at the fontina/blackberry/basil sammys. I’ll not be happy until I have one. I clicked on all the links…thanks for the diversion!

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