in six words…

PT-AJ837_MEMOIR_DV_20081007112335Last week Gen’s writing teacher assigned the class the task of writing a 6 word memoir. When she first told me about it, I thought she surely had heard the assignment wrong, but it turns out this is a real thing. All over the internet teens are posting their 6 word memoirs, like Twitter statuses. As a writer, I cringed at the ridiculousness and complete absurdity of some that are online, and rolled my eyes heartily at the same teens posting 10-20 of these “6 word memoirs” a day. Obviously the point is lost on them.

I will always love only you. 

Even though you broke my heart. 

We are entwined eternally 4ever, love. 

No matter where you go, babe. 

and on, and on…

Pretty much Twitter, under the guise of art.

Some of them though, some of them are amazing. Some of these kids sum up, in six words, truths about their lives that I’m not sure I could.

Honestly, I’ve been thinking about it for days…

As a writer, I take the idea of a memoir very seriously.

Something like Breathe. Focus. Click. Write. Remember. Love. Seems like an easy way out, even if it is true.

What is my life about? Who am I? What does it mean? What do I mean? What’s my life’s theme?

After days of stressing about something that wasn’t mine to stress over, (apparently anything to not work on my project! ha!) I think I’ve got it…

Once thrown away, now I embrace. 

But I’m curious about people who know me in real life so I think I’ll be asking around… in the mean time…

5 thoughts on “in six words…

  1. Teenagers’ twitter feeds are annoying. Ok, maybe that is just my teenager who is annoying on twitter. (why do they think everything needs to be shared???)
    Six words?

    I’m just beginning to know myself.

    How about that???

  2. Misty,

    Six word memoirs, hm, that would be hard. It was fun for me to browse back over a few posts here too. You’ve had a number of transitions lately. :)

    Nice to meet you! Thank you for stopping by my posts “Of Brothels and Cameras” and “Confessions of a Homeschooling Mom.” Your first year not homeschooling… wow, I bet that’s a transition with good and hard things. How is it going? What option of schooling did your 9th grader choose this year? Blessings on them!

    Jennifer Dougan

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