under my umbrella…

Sometimes on fridays I like to give a little list of things I’m really loving, this week, from around the web.

This is today’s…

It seems a little unfair to start you off with this video because it’s really sad, but so beautiful…

This post cracked me up… {however, if you easily offend from language, just look at the pics.}

I LOVE unique romantic getaway ideas… I say ideas because, as much as I love the ocean (and I do), I could never actually go to this hotel but that doesn’t change how absolutely awesome it is!

We’re in the market for a dog bowl, and I’m in love with this one.

And lastly… this. I am obsessed with this video. With this song… With everything about it. It has been the highlight of my week!

Anything you want to share?

Enjoy your weekend!

3 thoughts on “under my umbrella…

  1. The first video was very touching; wowza!
    The bloggess is so darn funny. She writes what she thinks…..I’m way too scared to do that. LOL!
    Is that a real song? The Fox one??? How funny (and sadly) catchy too!!

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