Umbrella {Week two…}

This week didn’t feel as WOW as last week… I don’t know. Maybe I’m just not as easily wowed as I was last week. Perhaps I lost my ability to wow somewhere between Sunday evening and Monday morning…


Moving on.

This chandelier is absolutely amazing… Having just redone my bedroom in grey, (here is the before, reveal to come as soon as one last item that was ordered arrives) This would AWESOME in there, if we didn’t have (and need) the ceiling fan that’s in there instead…

I have heard many mentions of such magic as this, but it sounded so completely complicated. Being the total drag-my-feet baker that I am, pretty much anything is complicated, but this, this I think I can do. Have you made crackers? Would you attempt this? Don’t they look amazing?

Um. This may have restored my wow. I mean, come on… WOW. Now, you phone calendar types are probably mumbling to yourself about how much work it is, but seriously??? WOW… wow… wow…

These author quote posters kind of make me happy. I have an empty space in my office that doesn’t need anything too busy mounted. Perhaps a couple of these matted and framed would look great. Which two do you think would look suited for my office?

This might be the very best thing I’ve ever read. I LOVE it…

And lastly, I literally laughed out loud. I hate this song because although it’s annoyingly catchy- it’s pretty stupid. This though, was funny…

What greatness do you have for show & tell this week?

One thought on “Umbrella {Week two…}

  1. LOL at the milkshake song. I never really got it…my girls tried to explain it to me, but still.
    That is the coolest (maybe kinda creepy too?) chandelier! We too require a ceiling fan. :(
    Enjoy your weekend!

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