Wish I may…



I didn’t manage to clean my office, but I did dig out my camera and play around a bit. That has to count for a win, right? I used to not make a move without it- that needs to become my once-again-normal…

We were supposed to be heading to Maryland to spend a few days on the lake with my best friend Deb and her family. To say this is long overdue would be beyond an understatement, but unfortunately things kept popping up to indicate that maybe we should put the trip off a bit. It’s super sad, but I just know that when it finally works out for us to once again bridge that six hour gap- it will be absolutely awesome. In the meantime, after a rather quiet week (summer chest cold aside) we decided to tackle the one space we have done nothing with since we moved…

Our bedroom.

It has the potential to be a great space. The wall color is a bit pistachio/institutional for our taste, but the ceilings are high and Chw really didn’t want to tackle painting it so I was prepared to deal with it. Unfortunately, we soon learned the previous residents must have allowed their child to spray vomit all over the west bedroom wall because, though it is the same shade when the unnatural lights are on, if we have the curtains open (which we prefer, during the day) you can see it all over the wall. It’s repulsive. Between that, and well, the fact that the room has become a general “drop stuff and leave” space because we just don’t like it in there- Chw finally came around and decided he’d take this extra time to paint.

And the Angel choir sang.

So I’ll keep you posted… I’m looking for low budget ways to make a big, classy impact. I have a few ideas, nothing too crazy, really. I’m pretty simple in my style. I’ll show you what it looks like now…







Wish us luck!

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