Quite some time ago I told you my husband was redoing my office. He finished on Mother’s Day.

I figured since I’ve been a lazy blogger, I would finally- just after Father’s Day- share it with you.

Oh I’m awesome, I know…












But now I need some help… See the dry erase board above the printer? I have NO IDEA what color to paint that frame. Suggestions, PLEASE?

6 thoughts on “Office-ially…

    1. yellow has been tossed around. My office in the Idaho house was black, grey and yellow so we were trying to stay away from that. (especially since that was our only yellow room and now we have a yellow kitchen AND a yellow living room.) BUT it could come to that…

  1. I like the frame white. I thought it was supposed to be white. Other suggestions are black or maybe a lighter gray than your walls? Or the aqua accent color that I ADORE!

  2. Jenni, originally we were going to do it the blue because the swatch of the blue appeared a lot more “tiffany” blue than it actually is. Tiffany blue is the goal for my accent color. the only other (and it’s MINIMAL) accent color I have is pale pale pink. But I am not a big pink fan, so I’m not sure I want it to be pink. I do want it a pop of something though…
    The best solution would be a true tiffany blue spray paint. Hmmm….

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