On belonging…


I do not know when this happened, or how, or frankly why. I feel like one day I’m skipping happily along, enjoying life and the next I’m suddenly hyper aware of the reality that the world is being slowly taken over by subscription boxes. Ha! At first I thought to myself- self, this probably happened while you had your nose in your ipad playing Candy Crush, but upon further research it seems a good chunk of subscription box companies have already gone under thus leading me to believe they began their businesses (with little success) prior to March- when my Candy Crush obsession began.

Even my best friend keeps a Pinterest Board on subscription boxes, which is how I learned they were in fact called “subscription boxes.” I’m not too quick sometimes.

Anyhow, the husband and I have been a little curious about them for a while now. There aren’t any that particularly interest him, subscription wise, but the idea of them are a bit intriguing. Business wise, it’s smart. Business wise, it was probably a lot smarter before pretty much everyone and their aunt Lucille’s cat were starting Subscription Box services, but still… After months of deliberation, we went ahead and decided on a few gift subscriptions for others, signed Gen up for a teen girl one (I might post a review because I am super excited about that one!) And then I signed up for Birchbox and Ipsy.

Ahhh, Ipsy… Ipsy has an undetermined wait list. That can’t be good. Have you seen the reviews on their boxes though? AMAZING! I’m all for saving money AND finding products I’ll love. Except Gen’s box. I don’t think that will help me save money, I just think it’s really cool.

Anyway, I’m cool now. I belong. I subscribe. It may only last a few months before I grow tired of it, or it may become my new favorite thing to get these little packages in the mail. We’ll see…

What are your thoughts on Subscription boxes? If you don’t subscribe, do any interest you?

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