Not quite fifty shades, but enough…













In case you missed the bedroom, before we painted it grey, here it is…

I’m beyond in love with this room. I could sit in here all day. In fact, I find myself finding excuses to go in there all of the time.

Our details:



The dog bed at the foot of our bed…




We’re saving our pennies for another chair to sit along side this charcoal slipcover chair for a seating area. I’m thinking one in a grey and chevron print.






I adore umbrella art prints…






Maps of our birth places…




(Ignore the chords… I’ve not quite figured out how to not have them.) You can tell it’s my nightstand because I have a ton of journals… And I use them all.




From Chw’s nightstand you can simply tell he’s a nerd. :)





IMG_9765I LOVE my closet. LOVE LOVE LOVE it… His, well, it’s not nearly as cool, though it’s equally as organized. (though much smaller.)

So there you go…


16 thoughts on “Not quite fifty shades, but enough…

  1. I’m beyond in love with your bedroom!!!! The color, the piece on the wall above the headboard, the lights hung on the wall instead of sitting on tables …. WOW!!!! You did a great job.
    p.s. Christian Grey would DEFINITELY approve of this shade. (tee hee hee)

  2. Love it! I love, love, love grey! I’ve been wanting grey and yellow for my bedroom for a while now. There’s just never a budget for the fun, unnecessary stuff, it seems. :(

    1. We already had grey things… Sort of. Our bedroom in Idaho was grey (walls) with some grey accessories and then Chw bought me this bedding for a Valentines/anniversary gift. it was honestly just some paint. Super affordable and it changed everything. Start small. :)

  3. I don’t know how I missed this post….But I did. YOUR room is so cool. I love it. Nice, soothing, tranquil. Perfect. I laughed at your comment about your husbands nightstand. And yeah, cords….I wish our lives could be completely cordless!! But wait, you didn’t share what color of gray you used on your wall. This is most important. :) I painted our guest room this past year and I went through about 14 different samples of gray before I found the perfect one. I even painted the room TWICE!
    Gray is a tricky color and you did great!

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