… doesn’t make them true!

Oh my gosh…

My kidlet, she sometimes does the silliest things. Like, take gum out of my bag and (while chewing it) say “i did not take gum.” She says it in a mesmerizing way, as if believing that I will become hypnotized and say “you did not take the gum”, thus believing her. It never works that way, but she tries her magic at least four hundred times a week. I did do the dishes, I don’t know where this sink of dishes came from. I did make my bed, the dogs must have messed it up. I did not put that there… There are days that I turn blue saying “Just because you say something does not make it true.”

She has argued on many occasion that her saying something can indeed change the past and make it the “new” reality…

Monday was no exception.

All she had talked about, for three days, was going to the beach so she could go swimming. “I want to go swimming”, “when will I go swimming?” It was nauseatingly consistant. So, Monday, we go to the beach. Now, no one else wants to swim (which she knew.) I spray her very pale face and arms and neck down with sun screen and send her merrily on her way. (note: I sprayed no where else because she’s SWIMMING.)

Except she doesn’t swim.

She stands there. Then she complains about boredom. Then she touches the water and complains that there are fish. Then she dramatically screams and runs away from the big, bad fish. Cyclically, this continues. Someone suggests a tube to float on. She complains. Someone suggests she not swim then, so she complains because she “didn’t wait three days to not swim.” It was a great big pit of plastic balled fun for everyone, until finally it was decided she would go out on the boat and fish. She had a life vest on, so should she get annoying and complain there, she could just be thrown over board… (kidding.)

It was peaceful and lovely all the way until we are settled in, for the evening and she decides she wants to go swimming in the pool.

IMG_2906So we ask her, Genny, why didn’t you put sunscreen on your legs?

“I did. Three times.”

This continued until I finally pointed out that I did sunscreen her face and neck and they weren’t even a faint sheen of pink. I sunscreened her arms and yet she swam, so while she still burned, it was no where near as bad as legs, thus proving that she indeed did NOT sunscreen her legs on the boat, three times. After that she was silent, but miserable.

And finally she had something to complain about…

We ran out, to the coolest Target EVER to get some Noxzema and some aloe to help, though she still went swimming in the pool anyway…

IMG_2902 IMG_2904

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