Just because you speak the words…



Genny (finally) lived a big life lesson while we were on vacation, but before I get to that I thought I would share a little about our trip…

Wisconsin is helping our Amanda embrace her inner outdoor sportsman. The upside of this for the three of us, who believe camping is experienced best in a plush hotel room complete with a mini fridge and air conditioning, was that we had the opportunity to just sit in the quiet and be. That was lovely.


Gen tagged along with Amanda and her BFF (of ten incredibly full years! I Am so in awe of their friendship!) and went fishing out on the lake.

IMG_9505I took advantage of the quiet to spend some quality time with my dear friends Canon and Kindle.

Eventually Chw grew bored and joined the crew on the boat, but not before attempting to throw Genny into the murky great beyond… She was so unsuspecting…


IMG_9535She is just SO DRAMATIC that even her sister had to try to help. Everyone torments Gen because she secretly loves it… I’m sure we all know someone like that!




The girls caught fish, I sipped my sweet tea and finished my book {While We Were Watching Downton Abbey by Wendy Wax} and we convened in nature long enough for the gnats to fry my last nerve, and for the moral of our life lesson to reveal itself…


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