Somewhere New… {the dairy edition}

We love seeing new places and experiencing new things…

Over the past few years though, we’ve been operating on minimum adventures, and personally I think that’s a little sad for the spirit.

Our Amanda’s birthday was the inspiration behind our road trip to Wisconsin. Chw had been there on business once or twice, but we’d never been there for fun. We threw ourselves into the adventure. Even our road trip snacks had to be Wisconsin themed. We had a 180 Spotify playlist, complete with Amanda by Boston.

We meant business, even if the proof is only in our road trip food…





We  squeaked their curds and ate their cheeses, we suffered through their ice creams and frozen yogurts. (As if…) We watched black and white movies, and new movies and movie theater movies. We perused their book stores, explored their neighborhoods and discovered fabulous eateries. We played games and laughed, we talked and a few of us cried. It was the best sort of vacation…

Amanda’s birthday dinner was here, at Ha Long Bay. If you ever find yourself in Madison- I couldn’t recommend it enough. Delicious!

In the same neighborhood, but on a different day, we brunched at Lazy Jane’s Cafe. The best scones on the planet… Seriously. Combined with the best atmosphere it is the place we will return to again, and again, whenever we are in Wisconsin.

My last Madison link is a frozen yogurt chain. I try to spotlight local places, but back in Idaho we had a plethora of self serve frozen yogurt options and here, we have ZERO. We miss it a lot, so we were really excited to see Menchies in the mall. It was amazing- AND they had buttered popcorn flavored frozen yogurt- which was INCREDIBLE! Seriously, A-MAZING! Then, the most amazing thing happened… We learned we have a Menchies here and knew nothing about it’s existence at all. It was a good day, indeed.

I have a few real vacation shots I’ll share later, as long as an important life lesson that you don’t want to miss.


P.S> Happy Birthday, Amanda!

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