the possibility of one’s heart melting from so much gratitude and love…

It was a lovely weekend around here. Our weather, aside, anyway. We had hoped to stroll through the farmer’s market yesterday but the rains, snow (small, but STILL…) and frigid winds really weren’t ideal. Especially when I feel like Gen and I are struggling just to stay a little well.

My family down right spoiled me all weekend, around my Psychology labs and lectures. The goal, all along, was to get my office done by today. I have done minimal work (and that’s kind of an exaggeration, really) since we moved, BUT that has to change. I have deadlines, and goals, and self imposed deadlines and oh yeah– I’m taking classes now too. Having a space for me to work and study is pretty important for my sanity, my dining room table AND my family’s sanity too. Because the room required paint, and a desk (my AWESOME door desk from the other house just wouldn’t work in this space, no matter what we did) the office sort of became my Mother’s Day gift- which was AWESOME for me. While it didn’t require buying a lot (also a good thing) it did involve some small projects and a fair amount of spray paint.

All in all, it isn’t totally done, and that’s ok. My husband really wanted to do the bulk of it himself (except for decorating it) and that man works a lot of hours- so I totally understand. There is one painting project left, but I can live with that.

Beyond what was coined as the weekend of Office-palooza, my family showered me with love, cards, video rentals, Chinese take out, crepes for breakfast, laughter, lunch out and a trip to one of my favorite book stores for a new book, french soda and a cookie. We wrapped up the day with popcorn and the finale of Once Upon A Time. It was low key, quiet and exactly what I needed. <3







IMG_2782 IMG_2781


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