Endless love…

I thought you’d like to know, perhaps, that I’m melting as I type.

It’s true.

Literally melting…

Why, in such a state, would she take time out to blog is likely what you are asking yourself.

Because I love you, that’s why.

And because I’m bored. Apparently in sweltering heat, when feet continue to swell to Flintstone status- there isn’t a lot one can do. I’ve cleaned up my dvr. I’ve read. I’ve watched a few things on On Demand. I’m bored. We’ve had conversations. I’ve watched VH1’s Top 100 songs of the 90’s. If it’s done in my home, with minimal movement, while sitting- it’s been done.

In case you’re wondering, our air conditioner is broken. Last week, when we initially suspected it was going out, I would whine about the 75 degrees that our living room was reaching. Still, I’d take 75. It’s 86 outside, 90 in our living area and 107 in our bedrooms. With humidity.

That last beat is key. It’s humid, ya’ll…

And for a girl (with family) who is acclimated to dry, desert heat- well, I’m melting.

Told you!

I had exciting things to talk about too… But with my brain turning to a pile of goo, time is slipping.

I’ll bullet point it just for you.

– went to see Star Trek on Friday because my husband is a major treky an he deserved a little fun. I, on the other hand, tolerate Star Trek at best. (though I’ll admit, I enjoyed the first installment in this new J.J. Abrams minded series) It was ok. I couldn’t sit through it again. I did learn something… All this time, and all the movies and series that I’ve sat through with Chw- I NEVER understand why it was called Star Trek. I get it now. I’m so proud.

– no joke, this lady asked me if the seat next to me was saved. It wasn’t, so I told her as much. She proceeded to announce that she was saving 4 seats. As her people began to show up, they each made it quite clear that not only do they have NO movie etiquette, but they talked- in a normal voice. It was ridiculous. And the one lady would laugh this guffaw of a laugh. Eventually some guy, a few rows back, would mock her laugh. Her husband got embarrassed and left after shouting “he is making fun of you!” it was all a bit awful.

– on date night, Chw took me to see Gatsby. After waiting an entire week, I was enraptured in the incredibleness that is Gatsby. So beautiful. It didn’t make me hate it, because it’s my favorite book, though I was warned repetitively that it would. It was simply stunning and I’m dying to see it again and again, and again.

– At date night, C ordered a sandwich for dinner. I had said, prior to the waitress appearing, that I was ordering a brownie and ice water. When I did, he was quite surprised. Glad I can still surprise him. I totally didn’t regret it, and I’d eaten so healthy the rest of the weekend.

– At the farmer’s market today we found thick cut, local bacon. While this likely sounds pretty silly- we’re thrilled. Paper thin bacon, called “thick cut” is not even close to our bacon scene and it’s been quite a downer.

– When we lived here before, we had a pool. I miss my pool.

– My dog likes to bark a lot you guys… She’s driving me crazy.

That’s all I’ve got. Next point (though I’m sure I’ve forgotten something.) would be the gloop of goo…

Until it cools down 30 degrees…

Sincerely yours, (affectionately)



P.s. in church today, it was announced that the top romance movie of all time is Casablanca (I disagree.) and the top love song is Endless Love. (maybe.) Thoughts?

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