DMV, a music video and sugar- oh my…


Happy Monday morning!

I don’t know what it was like for you, but last week sped by in our little tuck of the world. While I thought I had a wee bit of time, my husband’s birthday, (which is today, by the way) literally jumped in my lap and announced it’s presence. Wasn’t it just Easter?


Anyway, we had such a busy weekend, I thought I’d just show you some snapshots of our three-day, with only a FEW explanations… like this one:


Who in the world deemed that birthdays would be the deadline by which to renew your car registration? (since we moved we also had to get new driver’s licenses so we we figured LOTS of coffee would aid in the THREE HOUR time at the DMV…)





Cute little ice cream place. I may have mentioned Gen and I had a bad experience there in March but what’s one bad experience when you get ice cream like this?



{Funny story… Chw does not read. He’ll listen to Audio books but he hates to read real books. YET- could not put this little children’s book down. Seriously.}


And this is ice cream place, bad experience, take 2. Their table ripped my {FAVORITE} shirt, our waiter was a total tool and everything from our very small order to our check was completely messed up. Note to self: Find new special occasion ice cream spot.



Not a great photo but it’s our favorite theater. When I did entertainment work through Allied, back in the day- I felt like I lived here. It really is the best theater though, and for Chw’s birthday we did their “dinner and a movie” special. (See, they have a full chef staff and a gourmet kitchen in there.) We had a delicious dinner, complete with coconut cream pie for dessert… Cuz you know, we needed MORE sugar.

And then it was out of the dining room and into the theater to see Iron Man 3. {Which was awesome, btw}



This was Gen’s first Dinner and a Movie experience. Honestly, she was just enamored by the free unlimited popcorn and the recliners… IMG_2720


It was a late night but our little rockstar managed to wake up in time to go help do make up for a community theater production and then come home to shoot a music video on our deck. I tried to discretely document the divas at work, but you can barely see one of them through the door…



The stars :)



What Chw does while loud music videos are filmed on our deck… IMG_2735


What I did when said video shooting moved to various locations in our house. (notice who woke up… for about 12 seconds.)



Birthday cake at Chw’s favorite local restaurant- J Alexanders. IMG_2755


IMG_2758Happy 39th birthday, husband! You are amazing and I love you so incredibly much!

You are my rock and I am so grateful to journey through life beside you…

Come Tuesday morning though, we will need a sugar detox. <3


3 thoughts on “DMV, a music video and sugar- oh my…

  1. My sugar/caffeine detox starts today. But, it did help me get through the crazy long and exhausting field trip this weekend. The best part was a happy mistake that had Bubba and I sitting together on the bus the entire 6 hour drive there. And then getting to supervise some sweet twins that needed a bit more attention than your average 14 year old while we were at the amusement park. And then getting to sit ALL BY MYSELF on the bus ride home. My hubby had been on 9 year old duty all alone for a while, but he still kept the girls quiet so I could sleep in obscenely late Saturday.

  2. My gosh, I feel I can relate so much to a sugar filled weekend to celebrate my hubbies bday too!
    He also turned 39 on Friday.
    Happy Bday to your beloved!
    We had two bday dinners and of course had to treat ourselves to dessert not to mention donuts…
    did not want to look at the scale this morning ….
    So…4 mile walk tonight!
    I love the dinner and a movie places!
    Have a happy week!

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