A few thoughts with which to greet the weekend…


01.}  I do believe that Spring has finally made an entrance, all late and Diva style, here in Michigan. Then I hear, from my daughter who currently resides in Wisconsin, that she’s getting snow, and my spirit sinks. I literally felt overcome with panic as I began thinking of ways to conserve sunshine and hoard our stash of synthetic Vitamin D.

02.} S0 far, thankfully, our forecast is golden. {It’s here that I have to face reality that it was also Golden on Tuesday- and promising sunshine, while reality had us in downpour & thunder city. Boo.}

03.} Last weekend I made this totally awesome chicken slowcooker recipe. It’s such a great recipe and really makes the BEST Chicken tacos. And nachos. And quesadillas. And green chili enchiladas. Basically, what I’m getting at is- pretty much super sick of this chicken for now. Yep, that is exactly what I am saying. Great recipe- spread out. (and shared with like 3 other families.)

04.} I’ve been thinking a lot about dreams vs. goals, and what is reasonable for each side, what is required for success and what is flat out foolish. While Pinterest, Facebook and well meaning loved ones are all full of cliches and wives tales, I suspect the truth is somewhere muddled in the middle of here and there. Thoughts?

05.} My beautiful sheep dog Emma needs a job. Back at our other house she liked to take pillows off of the patio furniture and pile them in the corner of the yard, and then guard them. She took her job seriously. Upon our move, and the loss of our yard, she’s becoming less affectionate and pretty irritable. I’m guessing this is just the way she handles unemployment.

06.} I read, on CNN today, that the unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in five years. While that’s awesome and I’m super happy about this, Emma isn’t feeling as grateful. How’s an Australian Shepard/Border Collie supposed to find work? We have been putting a few gluten free treats in her giant rubber mouth toy. While it does keep her focused and busy for a couple of hours, and make her a tiny bit sweeter in the evenings- I’m concerned about the message. Unemployed? Eat snacks. Struggling with your worth and possibly your self esteem? Eat snacks. See where I’m going with this? She needs a better job. So far, dishes and folding laundry don’t seem to interest her. Such a shame…

07.} My husband is about to turn 39, which I personally think is awesome. He’s less in favor of this development. He’s a rockstar, a rockstar who has only gotten better with age. I love that man of mine!

08.} I have been absolutely obsessed with watching Indie film trailers recently. You should definitely watch this one, and this one. Amazing right?

09.} We have to head to the Re-store, in search of a light fixture and faucet. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us please, that they have the most amazing options for hardly any cost. Is it wrong to cross our fingers for such a superficial miracle?

10.} Watching a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie with Genny this week, as she was sick and laying around all restful, we had the funniest conversation. The female lead of the film was suspicious of a guy she liked. To preface it, they’d gone on a date. My sweet, naive 14 year old pipes up and says “man, she’s going to think he’s cheating on her and break up with him.”

M- Well they have only gone on one date honey, so if he was seeing someone else, that’s ok. And it’s way to premature to “break up”. That’s crazy.

She stares at me, jaw as dropped as humanly possible, those big blue eyes saucer like and in shock.

M- Gen?

G- What are you even talking about? It’s CHEATING?!?!

M- It’s only cheating if they are in a relationship.

Emphatically she grunts, pointing at the tv.

M- going on one date does not mean you are in a relationship.

G- What do you mean? Why? Since When? Are you sure?

It went on like this for awhile. I talked about dating, relationships, etc. She processed and reprocessed for the better part of the evening. How she missed this, I’m not sure. Before her sister left home, I remember countless conversations where Amanda would go out with a guy and Gen would call him her “boyfriend” and we would set the record straight.

Geesh, Denial much?

Happy weekend! Do something lovely and amazing, drink in some beautiful and sunshine- and for goodness sakes, go eat a few bites of delectable sugar in honor of my husband’s birthday… Cupcakes all around!


2 thoughts on “A few thoughts with which to greet the weekend…

  1. Loved those movie trailers. Although the first one made me sad, so I don’t think I could possibly watch the whole movie.

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