065 That last photo?

That’s totally me.

I am exhausted. I need a vacation… We were in the process of planning a weekend with friends, in a beach house, for my birthday. The opportunity had come up and my soul screamed “YES!!!” {of course, whenever the ocean is involved, my soul screams yes.}

Unfortunately, my birthday (this year) had the nerve of planting itself around Easter weekend and so, alas, the beach plans {at least for 9 weeks from now} are dead and gone.

My amazing husband dreams of sending me on a day at the spa, getting pampered and such. It’s a sweet thought though, truth be told, I’d fall asleep and miss it all and then hate myself all the more when I knew what he’d spent on such a luxury. Truthfully, I just want to pack my kindle, my Teavana pot and head to the coast. I’d love a few days of peace, where no one needed me to be anything for them. I’d love to read other people’s stories and face plant myself in the ocean every few hours, or so. On the way home i would stop in a stationary store to pick out a new set of note cards to make my weekend, and drop in to IKEA to pick out some new curtains.

THAT sounds perfect…

Someday! I’ll call it a writing sabbatical, when really it will be a major mental health moment mixed with the longest nap I’ve ever taken. For now, I’ll pop a melatonin and cross my fingers for 8 solid hours of ocean side dreams and baby elephant like face plants in the sea. :)

6 thoughts on “Escape…

  1. Do you subscribe to Living Social and Groupon Getaways? They have some really good deals. Billy and I are able to take a 2-night trip to a really nice hotel a couple hours away for our anniversary. We’ve never done that before. We’ve done a couple of 1-nighters, but never 2. With the 1-night times, it’s nice, of course… but I always feel like I’m just starting to unwind and then we have to go back and get the kids! So, I’m really excited about our 2-night thing.

    1. I do. We have gone away twice (for one night) because Gen was able to stay with our older kids. We are attempting a getaway for our anniversary this spring, and I am nervous about it. We just don’t have people to leave G with…

      I always see great deals on there and wish in could snatch them up!

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