Sunday brunch wisdoms…

There is a unique little bistro that our family adores, be it a date night, random family meal out or their extraordinary Sunday brunch. It’s our go-to special occasion eatery, (they are our absolute favorite street vendor during food truck rallies as well, so you could say we’re pretty loyal.)

We don’t make it every Sunday, or most Sundays for that matter, but when we do it always serves to be a memorable experience… Like the time our waiter insisted on giving our twelve year old daughter a glass of champagne to try, despite our urging that she was under age. (he did not believe us.)

Our focus, this weekend, was that of trying to spend quality time together. It seemed fitting (and we had a really great coupon, too) to head to brunch after church. Their menu changes every week, (except for the most amazing bacon on the planet. That never changes.) and after we familiarized ourselves with what was offered, we settled into a rhythm of conversation laced with random bits of people observation.

During our wait to find a table we’d sat near an Asian foreign exchange student his host family. The boy (14) was drawn to Genny almost instantly and his attention both embarrassed and stressed her out a bit. He was adorable and he obviously thought Genny was as well, which was sweet. Though she liked his attention, there was another boy around the same age that Genny felt drawn to. That boy, incidentally, did not give Gen the time of day.

All in all, it was a nice brunch, complete with delicious food and memories, but the parallels to every day life struck me. We often focus our attentions on things that simply don’t care about us, (television, internet, facebook, toxic people) while other bits of our life are staring sweetly at us- begging us to return their admiration. It all sounds so middle school and trite when lumped into the category of 13 & 14 year olds at a brunch bistro- but really it’s everywhere. It’s the beat with which our lives seem to function, distractions vs. reality.

Here’s to a week of like the boys who give us the time of day, and loving the ones here because they love us, while looking past the distractions for a change.

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