022 It’s a pretty miraculous thing to wake up to a world that looks as lovely and perfect as I did this morning. Despite the anticipation I help for this fresh, new year, we have hurt happening in our family and it’s hard to watch- hard to handle. Dark nights lead to overcast mornings, where the emotion of fog, here at home, makes breathing and peace so difficult to grab for.

And then, then this morning kisses me hello and i see the world has gone and become bright and breathtakingly beautiful, while i sat wrapped in my worry and misery- alone. I wake to see branches wrapped in glimmer, shards of sunlight blinding me as I take it all in.

And I wake, again. More. Wake to the world, wake to the moment, wake from the fog and the sadness.

There is magic, of sorts, in this winter wonderland  shining around us. It was hard to miss, vibrant and blinding- but the beautiful magic is always going to be there really. In some way, at least. In the hummingbird outside the window- in the slow crawl to stand of a sweet little baby. Wonder surrounds us every second of every day. Obviously, these first weeks of 2013 I’ve just not been trying to notice- so today it took away my option.

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