Why she does what she does…

I get asked, from time to time, why I talk about movies “so much” on my blog. Honestly, between you and I, I don’t think I do talk about them all that much. I guess, in comparison to the big picture movies play in my day to day life- they aren’t mentioned that much. 
Yesterday though, when I blogged about a Christmas movie we watched, as a family, I got the funniest email. It basically said that this person would love to read my blog more, if only I didn’t talk about movies non-stop-
 I was enjoying this post from you, refreshed to see no mention of film and then there it was. You would celebrate the birth of Christ by sitting in front of a movie. What type of example are you, when you are more focused on mindless, pointless entertainment over the reel issues of the world?

Allow me to be catty for a micro second when I point out their use of the word REEL, over “real”, in the last line. Funny pun, no? 
Notes like this kind of make me want to write about movies all day, every day, whether anyone reads my blog or not. Here’s the scoop, in case you don’t already know this: 
I used to write about movies all day, every day. I used to interview real life movie stars, film directors, producers, screen writers… I used to do that. It was my job. I got into that line of work because I wanted to be a writer when I grew up, and because I really loved movies. 
{note: I still love movies, but slightly less than I did in the beginning.}
Roughly 5 1/2 years ago, my biggest career goal was to become a member of the LAFCA. 
I had a list of the 25 interviews I wanted to conduct before I died. 
I did junket work in LA, Denver and Detroit. 
I loved my job. 
Best part was that I saw films MONTHS before they were released. Sometimes, I got to take my family. Sometimes my husband got the chance to attend really cool events for movies he loved. Sometimes my (then) little girl got to do really cool things like hug Anne Hathaway and then watch a movie just a few rows back from her. For well over 5 years, I didn’t have to pay to see a movie, and when I did- the cost was reimbursed. 
Now? Now, I don’t miss it. I don’t miss the travel, I don’t miss the junket energy (though I really will come awards season, so please don’t send me hate mail.) and i really don’t miss the interviews. Interviews were nerve wracking. There was nothing about any of it that spoke peace and stillness to my spirit. And really, film reviews and interviews did not look anything like what I wanted my writing to look like. 
I am not going to lie though, i do miss the early screenings, the free tickets and getting to make little dreams come true for my family. 
I will never forget going to the movie with a friend, in the fall of ’07, just a month after I left my job. There was a baby in there and it ruined the whole experience for me. I had been so used to the screenings with other press members and their occasional friends/families. 
I still love movies. I’ve learned that any industry can jade a person- and the entertainment industry certainly ruined things (like watching tv, movies and the production of music) for me. Ask my husband. I am not the best person to sit around and watch stuff with. Especially not when I have a remote, with a pause button, in hand. It’s ugly. 
I think movies (and certain filmmakers especially) have the ability to reach into the heart of a person and really truly touch them. That’s an amazing thing. I think that life’s beauties and lessons can come from a film. (or a book, or a song, or a painting.) Sometimes movies offer an escape we desperately need. Sometimes movies are a great way to connect with others. 
So, that’s why I talk about movies- they are what I know. They are what I love. I am no longer an actual critic, but I promise that won’t stop me from criticizing them. Ironically, if you feel like criticizing my blog content, please choose kindness… always. 
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6 thoughts on “Why she does what she does…

  1. I don't get mean mail very often, but sometimes… Sometimes I get super mean comments too, but not since the post where i talked about how Genny was acting more demon than child. Sometimes people just look for things to hate. Whatever…

  2. Isn't it kind of bizarre how people feel like they need to comment online? People who would just walk away from a face-to-face interaction feel like it's their public service offering to spout off on blogs, facebook, etc. More people should think about the glimpse into themselves they are giving . . .

  3. Fascinating that this person claims to read you, but didn't see the value of a quiet together time with your family! After the year you've had too. God said to make sure to have some rest. He didn't say work 24/7 to solve the world's problems. There has to be balance. I read your post with a feeling that you got to take a moment, hit "pause" on the troubles of life and remember how wonderful it is to have your family, to enjoy something together. Sounds like a warm good feeling movie too…so you were focused on something good. We are also told to not judge, or we will be judged. Something for everyone(including myself) to remember.

  4. I love that you love movies and Jesus, it's one great reason why we are friends.Hey on the bright side (if there is one) atleast you have a following?!?? I think you are the only one who reads and acomments on my blog….LOL

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