If you happen to see the man in red…

Yes, this is the season of giving.
Sure, it’s a little shallow and ridiculous to focus on the things we want. 
Aren’t we all allowed to be a little shallow sometimes? It doesn’t make us discontent. It doesn’t make us selfish. Sometimes it’s fun to dream… 
That being said, the things I am hoping Santa might tuck under the Christmas tree for me, (in no particular order) are: 
This tea maker… (And a gift certificate for tea because i LOVE this store!) 
This duvet cover with shams. Isn’t lovely? 
Aren’t these jars amazing? 
Speaking of kitchens… This ends up on my wishlist every year… it’s good that Santa’s never brought it, as (at this point) I’d likely slip right into a coma at the sight of it… 
Dean & Deluca spice rack… Kitchen Swoon for sure… 
But enough about household things, what about me. 
This would be lovely- 
And Philosophy stuff too… Pretty much anything. I LOVE it… 
And, this… Which I am saving pennies for anyway, but if Santa really wants to, i won’t argue. My poor current laptop has been doused in water twice, dropped, thrown and has so many issues that it’s a wonder the thing turns on, most days… A Mac book Air would be perfect. 
And lastly, Santa… These. I know it’s silly for a 36 year old writer/mom/wife to want a set of Beats headphones… But I do. They would be such an asset when I’m writing/editing, and when I need to take a me time out. :) 
Oh yeah… And a Tuscan Vineyard
So that’s all… *grin*
what about you? Any wishes? 
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