My prodigy…

I am making a pretty big deal about this, because, well, it’s pretty worthy of a big deal… 
When I hurt my back, some four weeks ago, I was pretty sure I’d be down for a day or two. When it was obviously destined to be longer, I figured about a week. Or two. 
I went ahead and planned out our rather extensive Fakesgiving menu. (Two meats, two stuffings, three potatoes, two veggies and four desserts.) 
I scheduled photo shoots and promised my son that I’d do a quick shoot for him and his out of state girlfriend. 
Eventually the menu lost a dessert and a potato, due to my inability to do it all. {ok, let’s be honest… I wasn’t able to do any of it without a LOT of help, and about 10 times the amount of time it should have taken.} 
Photos shoots were cancelled and we were left with the very real promise that our son was days away from returning to his deployment, and his girlfriend would go home to the midwest… 
And pictures needed to happen. 
So, my awesome husband (who usually assists me on shoots, and adjusts my tripod 700 times, and carries my gear, and…) stepped up and did it. Out of 87 shots, he had 35 really great ones. (AMAZING ratio!) 
I thought I’d share three of my favorites… 

So, give the boy a hand, would you? 
He saved my hide, once again played Superman and saved the day- and everyone is happy. 
I am the luckiest of girls… 
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