This year we opted out of the traditional Thanksgiving, to celebrate the life and loved ones we are thankful for while Lucas was home on R & R, from Afghanistan. We had some friends (who are basically family) over and Lucas’s girlfriend flew out from Michigan. 
It was, overall, really lovely. Good food, good conversation, lots of laughter and smiles. 
After our shared meal and stuffed bellies were ready, we shoved dessert in our mouths and headed for the movies. 
Wreck It Ralph was our destination and it was well loved by our group!
You know me, typically I have food photos and face photos… 
sadly, this was as far as I got. I took three pre-celebratory shots and my back spasmed to a point that my mind forgot to focus on capturing anything else. 
So sorry… 
You’ll have to take it from me- it was really a great fake holiday…

And the gratitude was completely genuine. I am so blessed… 

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2 thoughts on “Fakesgiving…

  1. 1. I love the title2. I love that you know the importance is the spirit of the holiday and not the actual day on the calendar.3. We may or may not have celebrated Christmas a day early (including pretending Christmas Eve was a day early and Santa coming a morning early) one year when the kid (the girls weren't born yet) was too young to know any better. It was kinda' funny because we were in "day after Christmas" mode on Christmas Day and were all surprised that we couldn't find a place to eat out that night. Then we remembered, "Oh! It's actually Christmas night!" We had some traveling to do and it's just how it worked out that year.

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