– starting an 8 week fitness challenge with a few awesome friends. i am super excited!
– meeting with my new physical trainer, and establishing a fitness routine.
– finally nailing down as much editing as I can fit in this month.
– trying to be more disciplined with meditation time. 
– still reading the same Emily Giffen book. (hard month of August. NOT SAD to see it be gone.)
– Starting the new Gretchen Rubin book Happy At Home. My BFF Deb and I loved the year we took to do The Happiness Project and are super excited to embark on this journey together.
– Get back to journaling. 
– starting a family gratitude challenge. I’m super excited…
– Getting back to school. New home program. I’m way excited about it. Optimistic.
– Celebrating our family anniversary (9th) and hoping we do it in an extra special way…
– picnic.
– apple picking.
– apple drying.

– quality time with one’s I love.
– striving for gratitude.
– writing more from the heart. 

– armoire renovation projects. (thanks, Pinterest!)
– working in a more dedicated way, on my Smash book.
– begin working on a few Christmas gifts. 
– Smoothies. Smoothies. LOADS of smoothies. Experimenting…
– a new cheesecake for my dear friend’s birthday.
– board games.
– new art projects.
– preserving.

– water. exercise.
– less sugar, more green.
– teas. natural beverages. 
– desperately hoping to squeeze a date night in… Maybe two. Don’t want to get too crazy…
– getting back into praying together and devotions. Summer wasn’t easy on us…
– tv snuggling.

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