Foodie Penpal Reveal Day…

Since July’s Foodie Penpal swap with Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean was SO FUN, I decided to give it a second go for August and I am so glad I did! It was even more fun! 
I received this awesome package from Linda in very rural New Hampshire. Linda leads a pretty amazing life and I was so glad that she took the time to be my August pen pal! 

I mean, LOOK at all of these goodies!!!

It’s as if she knew me, I ADORE cookie cutters and these are genius…

Hello Autumn…

Organic Vanilla Beans! *swoon*

‘Nuff Said…

Pure perfect paper goodness…

yes, please!

Maple moose candy…

So much fun you guys… August is a perpetually bad month in my family, each year- and this month was NO exception… Getting this little package, amidst the chaos was an absolute God send… Thanks, Linda!!! 
If you are interested in seeing the package I mailed, Check out Catherine’s blog… 
Can not wait for next month! Join me? :) 

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2 thoughts on “Foodie Penpal Reveal Day…

  1. Zowie, great stuff! Are you sure she stuck to the budget?! :) I think your link is wrong though – it leads to a lady who goes on and on about getting a package from Jennifer. Unless that's your secret spy name?P.S. Thanks for reminding me to post. I have cupcakes between the ears lately.

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