Some days…

Some days you wake up fairly upbeat but barely make it to your doorway before life tries to beat you up. 
Some days you open the dryer to find wet sheets, from five days ago, that your 13 year old “forgot to start”… 
Some days your feelings get hurt, even when you are pretty sure the other someone didn’t mean to hurt you. 
Some days are hot, and your allergies are consuming and your head hurts because the air pressure is changing. 
On those days, you might lay down for a nap, in an effort to help your headache. 
On that day, an absolutely amazing thunder and rain storm will come through your neck of the woods and you will sleep through the entire thing, only to wake up congested and sorely disappointed. 
And the dogs won’t stop barking… 
And the wind will blow your fence down… 
And the dogs will run away… 
And you will have a dozen different calls to (and from) your attorney… 
And you might (if you are me) realize your friend quantity is sorely lacking (in the personal reference variety). 
It is on these days that dinner will be the furthest thing from your mind, and the nearest thing on your family’s. And so it’s on an evening such as this, when an old fashioned Poor Man’s Hash will have to suffice- (complete with hot dogs {GAG!}, potatoes, garlic, red onion, grape tomatoes and fresh green peas.) 
If your luck is as good as mine, your husband will spend the whole of dinner prep, dinner, and post dinner hour(s) on a conference call where the very whole of your future could hang on the brink of. 
And it leaves you to have to clean the stainless steel skillet that has a lovely crust of hashed up goodness, all alone. 
And all at once you realize you are now behind on three major freelance assignments and today, the boldest thing you did was fold some laundry and scrub an icky dryer. 
THANK GOD that every day is not a some day, or at least not this kind anyway… 
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