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This could be me. 
These days, stress is my first, middle, last and maiden names- or at least it feels that way. 
Hi. My name is Misty and I am stressed out. 
Hi Misty..
You guys, I do not handle stress well. I think my model either has a malfunctioning “throw it from your mind” button, or I just have serious operator error issues… 
You see, there is this little novel I wrote, which I couldn’t STOP editing… I became like an obsessed machine. And then, I did stop, and took a few days off. Yay me… BUT- now I can’t seem to get back to it… And I REALLY need to, by friday. 
And then, there is the matter of this other situation. Potentially HUGE situation… And I should just cast it to the side, trust that it will all workout and go about my days and my monotonous editing… BUT I CAN’T… It is like a virus, eating away my brain. 
So yeah… I just had to tell someone that I am STRESSING OUT… 
And if I you are a prayer, I/we could use some… 
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2 thoughts on “Na na na, hey hey hey…

  1. emily says:

    the absolute worst. when you realize that the only way to make things easier is to trudge right on through. but at the end of it all: a novel!

  2. Diana says:

    Prayers coming. Hang in there, Mama. You can do this!

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