On hatred…

Apparently I am a racist. 
I mean, when we were deciding how we’d spend our millions- should we win the lottery- I did say I’d want Juan to be our landscaper. Then again, there is this guy Juan, we know, who runs his own landscaping business… 
But still. 
I must have said it because I’m a racist. 
That must be it. 
Know why I must be a racist? Because I mentioned, on Facebook, that my current town of residence is like little Mexico. Sounds derogatory doesn’t it? Oh boy… 
What a complete cow I am. 
I could not possibly have meant that I live in a town with significantly more hispanic people than any other ethnicity. 
OR that your odds of getting a job dealing with the public are greatly improved if you speak spanish. 
OR that there is an authentic Mexican restaurant, taco bus or Mexican market on pretty much every corner. 
i certainly didn’t mean ANYTHING like that. 
The post was referring to my daughter’s over dramatic response about going into the post office. (A response she would make going into pretty much anywhere, regardless of where we were, if she was in such a dramatic mood.) 
A friend said, completely harmless, “Where does she think she is? Tijuana?” To which I comically responded with “well, have you been here before? You know it’s practically a little Mexico.” 
What followed was a ridiculous spew of hatred about how I am racist and I am raising my kid to be a narrowminded Bitch. It was ridiculous. 
And unnecessary. 
And hateful. 
And here’s what I have to say about that: 
Don’t inject hatred in someone else’s words just so you can spew hatred of your own. 
I deleted her, which is fine because we were merely old aquaintences and not friends anyway. I didn’t do that because I thought I was better than her, because I’m not. 
But my time is better spent then that. 
That’s all… 
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3 thoughts on “On hatred…

  1. Like (and a thumbs up)..xx I've found FB really hard because of various things that have been going on around school friends etc so I feel your painx

  2. i find that too many people are finding excuses to espouse hate lately. i really don't get it. i'm so sorry you had to go through that! it's painful to be accused of racism or institutionalized contempt for a group when it really, really isn't there.

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