On my mind…

I have a random splattering of things on my mind these days, slightly being trumped by the bill from our attorney, that arrived today. Who knew that a retainer doesn’t cover anything??? 

Sadly, I ‘m the one to raise my hand. 
– HBO is on my mind a lot today. I’m beyond excited to lose myself in a weekly Judd Apatow comedy. I’m not even at all ashamed to admit it. 
– The Kings of Leon. I can not get enough of those Followill boys. I totally would have named Caleb as one of my home singers in this post, except that it’s no secret he’s a bit unstable and I don’t really want that on my plate. 
– Speaking of lyrics… It blows my mind how lyrically deaf people are. People, of course, being my husband. A certain KOL song comes on, and I mention something about the naughtiness of it’s lyrics. {I’d like to point out this is also my FAVORITE song to play on rock band- where the lyrics are on the screen…} and he pipes up with what’s so wrong about it anyway
M- um, it’s called Sex on Fire. 
C- ok. 
M- it’s about sex. 
C- it is? wow. I had no idea. 
M- it’s CALLED Sex on Fire. 
C- that doesn’t mean anything. 
M- it says…. 
C- it doesn’t say that. 
M- um, yes it does. 
C- where? 
I skip back and show him. 
C- oh. wow. 
M- see. 
C- I will never think of this song the same again. 
Um, obviously he didn’t think of it much to begin with… LOL. 
– Also, Starbucks is on my mind. Namely how they can justify their prices. I don’t indulge often, but the other day I needed a caffeine rush and Genny had $5 she was dying to buy a drink with (for her) so I hit the drive through. Holy moly, it’s a little bit ridiculous… 
– while speaking about prices of utter ridiculousness, I’ve began seeing things in regards to the price of a movie ticket. If you aren’t aware, I love going to the movies more than almost anything. (chw too. All of my kids as well.) We love the movies. SO, last week I was desperately wanting the second book (for my kindle) in a series I was reading. I examined the $9 price and sighed deeply… For a book? Seems kind of high… Then I realized that was the same price as a movie ticket. A book for the price of a ticket seemed like a bargain. It was an overwhelming moment for me… As it turned out, we had Amazon credit anyway so it all worked out- BUT even so- my perspective is currently altered. 
– We have a fundraiser dinner/auction at church tomorrow, in which we’ve invited some friends to come to. I’m excited. It will be fun. One such friend mentioned going for drinks after said dinner/auction. It feels so rebellious… 
– and too, in re: to my last bullet point, one drink sometime costs a movie ticket- which is more ridiculous than Starbucks. 
– put in THAT perspective, Starbucks suddenly seems comparable. Running a tab with your local barista won’t be nearly as weighty as the bar- AND you’ll only be guilty of talking 50 times faster and not getting naked on a table top and then throwing up your church auction/dinner all over said friends. Safer all around. 
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3 thoughts on “On my mind…

  1. Lol! Coming from a family that only orders water when eating out because $2.50 for 10 oz. of coke is NUTS…Rarely, we go out for drinks…like once a year when we are out of town without the kids…and it's always sticker shock. It does make Sbux seem cheap.I am having a major problem with movies in theaters these days…all of them are coming out in 3D. Our theaters sometimes don't offer the regular version. If they do offer the regular version, it's at an odd time ie: 11:30 on Wednesday morning. It's a racquet…

  2. i HATE, Despise and loathe 3d movies too… So much… We get options though… and we very seldom go out for anything, much less drinks… Which is ok…

  3. I am totally with you on the price disconnect. It's all relative to what we put value on I guess. I would never in a million years pay the prices that my sister-in-law pays for purses. I just don't care that much, but I will save *forever* for a piece of vintage furniture!The prices at Starbucks *are* ridiculous, and yet you cannot get a cup of coffee that tastes like that anywhere else (usually tastes like brown water). My hubby and I think that they put some sort of addictive substance in it…you know, besides the caffeine…*LOL*♥ Melissa~

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