On listing…

yesterday morning Genny asked me a probing question. Though we took hours to think on other things, her question remained at the forefront of my thoughts. 
So much so that, as we dined on salad and french bread that evening, Chw asked what was on our minds… 
“Genny asked me a thought provoking question this morning and I think I finally know how to answer.” I began. 
“oh yeah?” he replied, while Genny’s eyes brightened. “You do? Who?” she asked… 
The question? 
What three singers (NOT bands) would you have come serenade you at home? 
My answer? 
1} Dallas Green (City & Colour) 
2} Brenden Urie (Panic at the Disco! front man)
3} Dave Matthews. (of course…) 
Chw played along with: 
1} Eminem
2} Michael Jackson
3} Dean Martin
Eclectic isn’t he? 
As for the girl who started it all: 
1} Justin Bieber
2} Selena Gomez
3} Pat Monohan (lead singer of Train) 
What about you??? 
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14 thoughts on “On listing…

  1. Genny and I were JUST arguing about Mac Powell. (they are coming here in a couple of weeks). She HATES his voice. (like nails to a chalk board, which I think is hilarious.) I think he's amazing…

  2. oooo, U2, Bryan Adams, Josh Turner, Bing…Can we pick our top ten instead??ooo, don't forget Shawn Mullins. His voice makes me melt into a puddle of Melyssa.

  3. Hi Friend,I just wanted to say I like the picture of they guy w/ the tattoos & cat. Very cute. Although I gave my answer via good old-fashioned mail, I'll put it down again just for fun. Davy Jones (circa 1968), Dean Martin, and the fabulous & foul Bob Schneider (and his manly beard). Backups were Flight of The Conchords (Ooo, sigh) and Ella Fitzgerald. Heaven! xoxo-L

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