Blood, Guts, wounds and yearbook photos- Oh My…

It hasn’t been that long, has it? 
A girl goes off of the blogging grid for just a smidge of time and blogger goes and changes everything… What is this world coming to? I feel like the whole internet changed. Which it kind of did. Doesn’t google own it yet? What’s next, France? maybe Google can buy the US from china. Hmm. anyway… 
So, what’s going on? 
That’s nice… Or, wow, I’m sorry… or Me too... Whichever works for you, please snag it and insert here: 
What’s new with me, you ask? Well… aside from sicknesses, court craziness, expensive legal insanity, plain old regular life insanity, work, birthdays (Mine and Genny’s), anniversary (mine and Chw’s.), puppy surgeries (both Paisley and Emma), puppy follow up emergencies, (again- both) oodles of family drama, car trouble (both mine and Chw’s cars) and a date being set for Lucas’ deployment AFTER he had an episode similar to a heart attack- it’s been a whirlwind. Nay- a tornado. I’m not going to understate… 
But we are here. 
We are alive. 
We are blessed to be exactly where we are. 
We are loved. 
We have AMAZING friends. 
I am thirty six!!! (yes, saying it again. And again. And again) 
And our dogs are done being hypochondriacs just to scare us… 


Also, not to brag but my AWESOME husband made me this AWESOME island for my birthday. I adore it, and i love it too! {Note, yes the light fixture is out of place. We have a replacement, it’s just not up yet. See: crazy weeks.}

Also, Also, I was asked to take a quick shot of the adorable Genny for our co-op year book, as we were newcomers. This is the best I could muster. Yes, that IS siding in the back ground, thanks for noticing… (and yes, I am the mom who not-too-long-ago had a photography business… Remember what I said about the evil craziness of march? it’s the best i could do- thus scarring my poor 13 year old for life. I know.) 
Kindly I will spare you the images of my husband’s knee. He decided to stab himself in it, whilst working on an over thought out project. He survived, but has 3 ugly stitches (super deep but not wide) and a fairly unsympathetic wife as, in his shock and immense pain he originally led us to believe he SAWED through his leg. MORAL OF THE STORY: when you lead into an injury story with “sawed off my leg with a power saw” and come to find out, it’s a utility knife wound- i may not be as distraught as you once expected. (disclaimer- he did not lie. He HAD been power sawing and THEN comes in screaming with buckets of blood staining through his jeans. When Gen and I asked if he sawed through his leg, he was in a bit of shock and did answer yes. *eh hem- more than once*… My thoughts at that time were actually “wow, saw wounds are much smoother than I imagined.” hmm…) 
So in a nutshell- I vow to be a better blogger. The end. 
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