take two…

Confession 217- I’m cold and my head hurts
Confession 218- I am not, at all, graceful and apparently that’s catchy…
On Monday we started a new homeschool co-op. Part of the deal, if you will, about a co-op is that your child takes classes with other kids- taught by parents. It’s pretty cool, really. If you don’t teach, (which i currently do not) then you need to help out. 
So, First period I found myself helping out in a literature class for very young kids. It was all a rushed assignment so I am not sure their ages, but guessing K-1st… Cute kids. Anyway, the teacher read a few books to them about seeds and planting, and then we did a project. The teacher seemed put out at our winter’s lack of snow and a little unnerved that there are birds in the trees that also have buds on their branches… 
In other news, it’s freezing out and it’s calling for snow these next two days. 
It’s been completely stressful, busy or emotionally crazy ever since we made the family decision to homeschool Genny again, back in December. It has been a lot. Finding a normal routine proved difficult and so we just stopped trying. We made it mostly unscathed, me somehow believing yesterday would come and a normal flow of peace and productivity would just sweep us away. 
You would think I’d be smarter than that… 
Instead we had a bloody dog paw/injury. I had a migraine. Genny fell into the counter, while feeding the non-injured dog, and sliced her eye lid open. I fell, at the rec center, after my water class. Genny grabbed a pot, off of the stove, by the base. 
We desperately need a do-over. 
And a nap. 
And a good allergy med, but that’s another gripe for another day… 
Maybe we also need for it to not snow here in the valley. 
Just in the mountains… No matter what that literature teacher says… 
Hope your weeks are going fantastically smooth and lovely! 
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