– again, I’d like to read two personal (non- work assignment) books. {I’ll take this moment to point out that I’ve had the same goal every month. In January I read two, and in February I read 5. FIVE. I didn’t read 5 books for me in all of 2011. This is huge, folks!} 

– I really want to celebrate my birthday right. This is a big one. Every year my birthday month is such a struggle and I lose myself in the planning of Genny’s birthday festivities. This month is different. And this birthday HAS to be different because it’s a big deal. One I feared I’d never see… 

– more handwritten letters. I keep saying it… 


– my pet, on a walk
– my workout
– young
– old
– something suessical
– spring
– irish
– birthday toes, x’s 2
– kites
– cake

– birthdays. Specifically mine and Gen’s. Doing something really special for Genny’s birthday, but I’ll wait to blog details until it comes closer. 

– We’re going to see West Side Story and I am really, really, really excited! 

– for the season of Lent I’ve given up television and senseless spending. I am really excited about both sacrifices- and am moderately embarrassed to admit that both of them ARE sacrifices. It shouldn’t be like that. 

– I need to be better about shaving out quiet time to center myself… 

– I missed journaling in February due to everything being out of whack. i’ve really missed it. I want to get back to it, everyday this month. 

– we’re reducing… We emptied out a storage shed and are purging. I love that. 

– together we are building a cool project that i can’t wait to show you… When it’s done. 

– spring cleaning is underway. It started after the Oscar party. 

– My immune system is out of control. It is ridiculous what 5 months of pneumonia can do to a girl. I want to learn how to repair it so that i stop catching EVERYTHING… 

– I am going to increase the level of difficulty in my water classes. 

– My goal is to lose another 5 lbs this month. 

– I’m also going to start hooping. Chw is going to make me one and I am really nervous/excited. 

– Also, curious about trying green smoothies. (It takes me awhile to warm up to stuff…)

– yoga, at least weekly. 

– catch up on our weekly reading together. We’re a bit behind. 

– Sneaking away on mini-dates. I love them, maybe more than full dates… 

– working on projects together. I love that. 

– holding hands and walking. happiness. 
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3 thoughts on “Three…

  1. "I need to be better about shaving…" and I thought oh, you and me both! I'm so glad someone else gets bad about that in the winter. I just had that conversation with myself this morning.Then I read the rest of the sentence"… out quiet time to center myself." And although I can relate to that as well, it didn't resonate as strongly with me.

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