Far too much to lump in to one tiny title… (unedited due to time- sorry)

And here we are again… Awards season is over. 
I feel, quite honestly, like I woke up this morning after a holiday season of immense family drama and bustling. I am EXHAUSTED, ya’ll… 
Now though, with the hurricane of Amanda leading up to her leaving for boot camp, and Lucas’ time at home- I felt like I had this one night to get through (Oscar night) and then I could rest. {Usually I go straight from the Oscar party to working on Genny’s birthday party BUT the angels broke through  the heavens and sang majestically the day that she announced she did not want a birthday party…} 
So, did you guys watch the Oscars? 
I liked the writing this year, though holy cow the sound tech is likely facing the unemployment line this morning. One questions how he got to do the BIGGEST NIGHT IN HOLLYWOOD with such skills. Nephew of the boring president of the academy, perhaps? Hmmm. 
Few quick things about the actual Academy Awards… 
– Hugo winning pretty much everything technical? Really???? REALLY??? um, no. Nepatism. 
– Meryl? Now I realize she is highly esteemed and obviously very talented… BUT she is also beyond falsely modest and annoying. She wore a dress that appeared to have been made of melted down past Oscars, accompanied by one of those weird belts from the 80’s. It ALSO appeared she had a built in pocket, ready for her new little gold man. Hmm. 
– All I can say is, when she was sure half the world groaned that she won… AGAIN… She was likely hearing the groans and outcries of protest from my party. Yep. I said it… 
– Viola, you won in our eyes… PLUS, your dress actually made sense. 
– When Viola rushed up to congratulate Meryl, I imagined her saying “you’s smart, you’s kind, you’s portant.” and it made the moment a little easier to swallow. {To which Meryl would have replied, Oh stop. No. Well, I am amazing aren’t i? thank you…}
– Jean Dujardin was a cute win. A little swept up in his lofty self opinion maybe, but who knows. It’s a tough scene to really decipher that sort of thing. I was a little sad though, as I think George deserved best Actor, hands down. 
– Speaking of which- Congrats to the Artist. I did, indeed, love that film and knew it would win. That being said, my FAVORITE movie- in the lineup of nominees- was The Descendents. 
– Woody Allen did not deserve his Oscar either. I love that movie, but the only reason it made it on any lists was his name. It’s like he’s a sure win. The Academy is biased loyal like that… 
– Which, to wrap up, I find really interesting because in seasons past, the Academy seemed all about Clint Eastwood. This year, however, he made an AMAZING film and he didn’t get so much as a nod. I wonder what that’s about? 
– BEST two speech moments, hands down: Octavia Spencer thanking the world AND that foreign film guy telling us all to give him a chance and accept him because he’s got a lot of love to give. :) 
Moving on… 
i can honestly say, Penelope has never made my best dressed list before but she was classically stunning. Beyond stunning actually… Isn’t she gorgeous? 
Worst dressed and most ironic… 
Worst dressed, because she was practically flashing the world, JLO looked horrible. Ugly dress. Nipple showing. Ridiculous script about being a true and classy lady. Don’t they have rehearsals? And people they pay to work this stuff out? I’d guess JLO’s dresser is filtering some animosity… 
Ironic because, for possibly the first time EVER, JLO made Cameran Diaz appear to be the classiest girl on the planet. Thank’s JLO! 
As for my party… It was kind of simple. Food, wine, friends. Small. It was nice. No formal dinner party, just casual with pajamas and everything… 
 the viewing area… 
 the ballots and Oscar bingo… 
 the wordplay edibles… 

 Minny’s mini chocolate pies… they were delish… and comical as, prior to the 
party, Genny called them “little poop nuggets.” ha ha. 

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7 thoughts on “Far too much to lump in to one tiny title… (unedited due to time- sorry)

  1. THANK YOU!1. I thought I was just dumb in these things and wasn't smart enough to "get" Hugo. You made me feel a bit better about that.2. I'm over Meryl. I've kinda been over her since "Mama Mia". I feel the same way about the Yankees as I do Meryl. They're good, but I'm tired of talking about them. There are other good teams out there.3. The guy that won best actor drives me crazy and I've only known him since last night. He just kissed and neck snuggled too many men for me.4. I LOVED Viola and The Help. I really wanted both of them to win.5. Really? Nine best movie nominees? I actually saw Money Ball. It was a good way to spend an afternoon alone with Honey, but it wasn't Oscars good.6. I agree with your speech moments. And also the best presenter were the Bridesmaids making a drinking game out of Scorsese.7. I wish they would have picked a different nephew to run the sound. I was looking forward to Billy Crystal's song at the beginning and the sound was awful!8. What was up with Woody Allen not even being there?!9. LOL! about JLo making Cameron Diaz look classy. I was wondering why they decided to put the flesh colored netting on JLo's ARMS? I was never affraid that her ARM would mistakenly fall out of her dress.10. I loved Penelope Cruz's dress, but I was not lovin on the hair. She has WAY better hair than that.11. I didn't love Meryl's dress either. 12. Gwyneth Paltrow was my favorite.

  2. Misty, you are just spot on with all of your points, but as you know I am VERY bitter about the Best Actress win so your comment (5th bullet) made me Laugh Out Loud (LOL). "you's smart, you's kind, you's portant."Priceless…

  3. Love! I honestly thought JLO and Cameron were so awkward together that they couldn't possibly have rehearsed because there was no "connection" at all between them. Vapid. Blah!I am a DIE HARD meryl fan, but I was pulling for Viola so hard, my teeth hurt. *Sigh*. Hooray for Octavia, though…she had me in tears.Despite his creepy apocolpytic plastic surgery freaky face, I LOVED Billy Crystal. So so so so much more than last year's Anne Hathaway/Cute Guy from Spiderman duo.And Melissa McCarthy cracks me up. SCORCESE!!!!!

  4. Jenni, LOL, there WAS a lot of french man on man kissing. Especially when he didn't kiss his wife. I thought that was interesting… at least he thanked her :) Gwenyth looked lovely. Angelina looked like the emaciated body double for KSTEW in Breaking Dawn. (i forgot to mention that on the blog.) I think Woody Allen not being there was just an arrogant thing to do. Jerk. He was likely off with a nanny somewhere…

  5. Totally agreed with the sound issues! I actually posted a comment on the Oscar's FB page about it hoping someone would see it so great was my frustration, and they took it down after about a minute!Agree, agree, agree with your J.Lo., Diaz remarks and thank you for confirming the nipple slip, I thought for sure it had to be my and everyone else at my mom's imagination! I MUST see The Artist now, and a few others. I was disappointed about Meryl but didn't say so in front of my mother who squealed.I was totally rooting for Viola, just thinking about that scene you quoted can make me cry still! Thought the male winner was rather adorable in his cocky little French way, gosh, I hope he just SEEMED cocky!!With the exception of J.Lo. actually liked most of the dresses I saw, but was very concerned about Anjelina's arms as you mentioned. Poor think looked like a stiff wind…LOVE Billy. He was what made me fall in love with the Oscar's in the first place and it was so good to see him doing it again! Every year we watch and we say, "OK, but not as good as Billy!"Was very disappointed not to have more music numbers (you know me). Only 2 songs nominated? I like me some song and dance!Bridesmaids, well my biggest shame of the year is that I laughed A LOT during that movie! I LOVE Melissa McCarthy, ever since her Gilmore Girls days! They were hands down the best presenters of the night although Emma and Ben Stiller were pretty funny.

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