Why the quiet…

So, I’ve been a little busy. 
Life stuff. I’m sure you understand… 
Anyway, thought I would give you a glimpse- 
 Eight weeks of basketball, that are over EXCEPT for one last game… 
 LOADS of good, quality time…

Including Monopoly on the Wii, which Lucas LOVES… 
 {and which I do ok at…}

Happy… Happy, happy, happy… that’s how these past weeks having Lucas home have been. 
Now if we can just all make it to his R & R… 
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7 thoughts on “Why the quiet…

  1. It has been amazing to see and spend a little bit of time with Lucas whie he was home. He has grown so much and we are all so proud of him! We at the Casa Bennett are sad to see him go! Thanks for sharing a little bit of Lucas with us Misty!

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