– new schedule. Making sure I survive my days by making my life NOT all Genny centric. it’s tough… 
– Read two books for me. i did it January, but January also had 2 extra days AND didn’t have any visits from Lucas… Maybe i’ll choose 2 short books. :) 
– Friendships. i need to work on this. My three closest friends live nowhere near here… I miss them. I need to focus on building closer friendships. 
– Small Academy awards get together… I’m excited. 
– personal writing… this has got to improve. since it’s a matter of days before Lucas arrives, i figure i’m going to exhibit grace on myself for this… I once heard that if you truly want to be writing, you will be. While I believe it, i also know i TRULY want/need to be- and I’m not. 
– smash book… 
– start working through the Writer’s Book of Days again… I need the diving board. 
– Sweet
– Date Night Dinner
– hello
– See You Later
– Focus Tree
– Roses
– wine (glass or bottle) 
– footballish
– love
– Lucas is coming home for leave. CAN NOT WAIT… 
– GREAT movies coming out this month. {!!!}
– good conversations, with friends… good conversations with our family… 
– celebrating the twelfth birthday of my beautiful niece. 
– board games. Our lives need more board games. 
– Electronicless evenings. 
– cell phone less dinners. 
– I’ve found I am getting easily frustrated with my mom and my sister. i really need to work on that without tearing down the vitally constructed boundaries that are there for my sanity. 
– Getting more involved in our church. 
– continuing to volunteer in our community. 
– patience… it’s good for my heart, I hear. And though my physical heart is fine, my soul-heart needs more patience… and a slower acceleration rate to anger. 
– there is a bad sort of stressful, hurtful unrest that settled down over our home. For a few reasons the past week has seen a release in that but i am going to work towards making sure that this pattern continues. 
– we have a cool entry way project that i’m hoping we’ll get done this month. SUPER excited about it! 
– entertain once or twice. 
– our quest to eat whole has been a good one. It’s amazing how much better we feel, in various ways. Less headaches, more consistent energy. The one thing that is really interesting is that we hungry a lot more… I’m guessing that’s a good thing. 
– water. loving water being a part of our time together. Swimming, play… It’s been great. 
– more tea. 
– yoga. Not just talking about yoga. 
– dancing… the Ellen kind. Whenever possible. 
– speaking of dancing- learn the shuffle… 
– we don’t do the romantic Valentines thing. i think it’s ridiculous actually. But, we will have a date night in February and i’m excited for that. 
– we’re currently reading through the Sacred Marriage devotional, and I love it. 
– In January life circumstances led us to a lot of quality conversations… I’m grateful to see this pattern continuing. 
– truly kiss, daily. 
– continue finding ways to respect him. 
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